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Bug tracking and project management systems are essential components in most application development environments. WSO2 App Factory comes by default with several issue tracking and project management systems such as Redmine, and we work on facilitating most of the commonly-used types with every new version. In the meantime, if you cannot find the tool of your choice, you can add it using the <IssueTrackerConnector> element in <AF_HOME>/repository/conf/appfactory/appfactory.xml file.

Sample configuration

Following sample code adds a new issue tracking and project management tool to App Factory:

<IssueTrackerConnector name="redmine">
	<Property name="Url"></Property>
	<Property name="AdminUsername">admin</Property>
	<Property name="AdminPassword">admin</Property>
	<Property name="DefaultRole">Developer</Property>
	<Property name="AuthenticatorId">1</Property>
	<!-- Bigger number will result in higher priority -->
	<Property name="ListenerPriority">40</Property>
		<Role name="appOwner">
		<Role name="developer">
		<Role name="QA">
		<Role name="devOps">

The elements of the sample configuration are explained below. You can use this information to edit the file according to your requirements.

XML elements of the sample code

Element NameDescriptionTypeDefault ValueFixed ValuesMandatory/Optional
<IssueTrackerConnector name="">
Name of issue tracker.String   
<Property name="Url">Service URL of IssueTrackerConnector.String   
<Property name="AdminUsername">Admin Username of issue tracker.String   
<Property name="AdminPassword">Admin Password of issue tracker.String   
<Property name="DefaultRole">Default Issue tracker Role from RoleMap.String   

<Property name="ListenerPriority">

Listener priority level for IssueTrackerConnector.

<RoleMap>Map roles between RedmineRole and App Factory ApplicationRoles. For example, according to this code, the application owner (usually the creator of the app) appears as a manager in Redmine.    

For information on creating and managing issues, see Adding Tests and Tracking Issues.

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