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When creating an application, you can define a source code repository for the application. WSO2 App Factory comes by default with several repository types and we work on facilitating most of the commonly-used types with every new version. In the meantime, if you cannot find the repository type of your choice, you can add it using the <RepositoryProviderConfig> element in <AF_HOME>/repository/conf/appfactory/appfactory.xml file. You also should extend the AbstractRepositoryProvider class and provide the extended class as a Property.

Sample configuration

Following sample code adds GIT as a new repository type to App Factory:

<RepositoryProviderConfig name="git" enabled="true">
	<Property name="Class">org.wso2.carbon.appfactory.git.repository.provider.GITBlitBasedGITRepositoryProvider</Property>
	<Property name="BaseURL"></Property>
	<Property name="GitblitAdminUserName">[email protected]</Property>
	<Property name="GitblitAdminPassword">admin123</Property>
	<Property name="ReadWritePermission">/permission/admin/appfactory/repository/readwrite</Property>
	<Property name="DisplayName">Git</Property> 
	<Property name="Provider">git</Property> 

The elements of the sample configuration are explained below. You can use this information to edit the file according to your requirements.

XML elements of the sample code

Property NameDescriptionTypeDefault ValueFixed ValuesMandatory/Optional
<RepositoryProviderConfig name="" enabled="">
nameName of Repository Provider.String   
 enabledDefine whether Repository Provider is enabled or not.String true, false 
<Property name="Class">
 Java Class for your repository provider manager implementation for git.String   
<Property name="BaseURL">
 The BaseURL which pointing back to the your repository service.String   
<Property name="GitblitAdminUserName">
<Property name="GitblitAdminPassword">
 Admin user name and password of the repository.String   
<Property name="ReadWritePermission">
 Read write permission string for application's repository.String   
<Property name="DisplayName">
 Display name of the repository provider which needs to display in AppFactory pages.
<Property name="Provider">
 Repository provider type.String   

For information on managing repository and build, see Checking in and Branching the Code.

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