This documentation is for WSO2 App Factory 1.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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App Factory consists of many business processes that use a number of atomic services. In order to properly orchestrate these services, business processes are created using BPEL, which is a standards-based way for orchestrating several services. Usage of BPEL enables a workflow to be customizable since it enables usage of existing services without doing any major changes to the App Factory core. Some of the App Factory business processes that use BPEL are listed below:
  • Application creation
  • Creation and Deploying of application artifacts
  • Governance of applications (LCM activities such as Promoting and Demoting)
For an example, let's consider the Governance scenario. When governing, applications that are done with Development, needs to be promoted to Testing. Even though the Promoting configurations are made in the <AF_HOME>/repository/conf/appfactory/appfactory.xml, the back end calls are being made according to the Governance BPEL configurations. Once you are done with the editing of the BPEL configuration, you can archive it as a .zip and deploy in AF_HOME/repository/deployment/server/bpel

For an instance, assign new life cycle deployment stage (eg: AssignTestingDeployment) in "PromoteSequence" in GovernanceBPEL.bpel

Following snapshot describe the new lifecycle stage:


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