This documentation is for WSO2 App Factory 2.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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General App Factory questions

What is WSO2 App Factory?

WSO2 App Factory is a shared, elastic, and self-service enterprise DevOps platform for multiple project teams to collaboratively write applications and manage their lifecycle stages in a shared, regulated, and controlled manner. See Introducing App Factory.

What is the open source license of the App Factory?

Apache Software License Version 2.0

Can I see a preview of the App Factory before downloading the product?

You can start using the App Factory by simply registering to the App Cloud. See Exploring Online.

How do I download and get started quickly?

Go to to download the App Factory. To set up, see Installing On-Premise.

Is their commercial support available for WSO2 App Factory?

It is completely supported from evaluation to production. See WSO2 Support.

What are the technologies used underneath WSO2 App Factory?
Can I get involved in the App Factory development activities?

Not only are you allowed, but also encouraged. You can start by subscribing to and mailing lists. Feel free to provide ideas, feedback and help make our code better. For more information on contacts, mailing lists and forums, see Getting Support.

Usage questions

How do I copy over my existing source code to the App Factory?

With every new application that you create, you get a new repository space allocated to it. You can create a branch from this repository trunk and then check in your existing code into the new branch. See Create an Application with my Source Code.

Can I integrate my own GIT repository, build management system etc. instead of the default ones provided by the App Factory?

You can customize the App Factory as described in the Admin Guide.

Can I connect any source control system other than Git into the App Factory?

Yes, you can. See Adding a new Repository Provider in the Admin Guide.

Can I invite members who are external to the App Factory into the application team?

No. To invite a member to participate in your application, the member must be registered with App Factory first.

Is it possible for me to create a default team size with desired roles?

No. Size restrictions are set to teams in WSO2 App Factory. You can either use the existing roles or create new roles as described in Configuring Application Roles.

How do I create a database and tables to store my application's data?

You must create a database, a database user and a permissions template (this is a template with various database-level permissions). See Add Data to my Database or Connect to an External Database. 

Is it possible to share resources across applications?

No. Resources are created for a specific application.

What is meant by the build number?

In the Repositories & Builds section, the number associated with a build is the last build number. This number is unique to each version of an application.

My application URL is too long. Can I map it to a custom value?

Yes, you can map your application's production URL to a custom value using the Production URL section in the application's Overview page.

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