This documentation is for WSO2 App Factory 2.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The WSO2 App Factory team provides a set of pre-written JMeter load testing scripts to test the load of your App Factory instance. Follow the steps below to execute:

  1. Download the Jmeter scripts from
  2. Install and set up Apache Jmeter in your environment.
  3. Open the JMeter console. Its left navigation panel has two sections as Test Plan and Workbench.

  4. Select the Test Plan and load the Jmeter script test_plan.jmx by clicking File -> Open. It opens the relevant scripts in the JMeter console:

  5. Select WorkBench and merge workbench.jmx by selecting File-> Merge.

  6. Go to the sample_data directory, which is inside the folder you checked out in step 1 and run the following scripts using the command prompt to generate sample applications and users. You can change the number of apps/users as you like.

    ./ 5 war
    ./ 50 developer
    ./ 20 devops
    ./ 20 qa
    ./ 1 appowner
  7. Go to the JMeter console and click on Test Plan. Update the following properties under User Defined Variables to point to your App Factory instance.

    • working_dir: Provide the Jmeter script location. E.g., appfactory/2.0.0/jmeter-tests/module-based-script
    • organization: Change the domain
    • username, password, tenant_admin and tenant_admin_password : Change these to the tenant admin credentials
    • developer_count, qa_count, devOps_count, global_ramp_up_time, appOwner_count etc. depending on your user count given in step 6.
  8. Run the Jmeter script.
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