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When you create an application, WSO2 App Factory creates a GIT repository for it by default. If you already have a GIT repository, you can add it to App Factory instead of the default one using the <RepositoryProviderConfig> element in <AF_HOME>/repository/conf/appfactory/appfactory.xml file.

Sample configuration

Following sample code adds a new GIT repository to App Factory:

<RepositoryProviderConfig name="git" enabled="true">
     <Property name="Class">
     <Property name="BaseURL">https://localhost:8443/</Property>
     <Property name="GitblitAdminUserName">admin</Property>
     <Property name="GitblitAdminPassword">admin</Property>
     <Property name="ReadWritePermission">/permission/admin/appfactory/repository/readwrite</Property>

The elements of the sample configuration are explained below. You can use this information to edit the file according to your requirements.

URL of your GIT repository
Credentials to log in to your GIT repository
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