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For Authentication in the App Factory, we use SAML based SSO using the Jaggery application, appmgt as the service provider. The identity provider can be any valid SSO provider. In the default WSO2 App Factory, appmgt is the service provider and the App Factory itself acts as the identity provider. 

You can configure a preferred identity provider by editing the SSO relying party using the  <SSORelyingParty> element in <AF_HOME>/repository/conf/appfactory/appfactory.xml file.

Sample configuration

Following sample code adds a new SSO replying party to App Factory:

	<Name>WSO2 AppFactory Application Management</Name>
	<DashboardName>WSO2 AppFactory Dashboard</DashboardName>

The elements of the configuration are explained below. You can use this information to edit the file according to you requirements.

XML elements of the sample code

Property NameDescriptionTypeDefault ValueFixed ValuesMandatory/Optional
<SSORelyingParty>SSO relying party configuration.    
<Name>Name of Relying party (RP).String   
<DashboardName>Name of Dashboard.String   

URL of the identity provide where the SAML authentication request should be sent to Change the URL accordingly. 

<IdentityKeyAlias>Alias name for identity key. String   
<KeyStoreName>The location for the default key-store, which is wso2carbon.jks used by WSO2 IS (running identity provider).String   
<KeyStorePassword>Password for keystoreString   
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