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Every enterprise registered in the App Cloud gets access to an enterprise API store, which is facilitated by an instance of WSO2 API Manager integrated to the App Cloud. The enterprise API store allows you to

  • Reuse the APIs that are published in the store. It reduces cost of rework and time to market.
  • Expose your services as managed APIs and Advertise them
  • Share API subscriptions across multiple users and applications
  • Define separate user roles to develop, publish and manage APIs
  • Monitor API subscription, usage and other statistics
  • Automate authorization via access token generation per subscription

Let's see how to use the APIs published in the API Stores in your application.

If you have not created any APIs yet, please execute the first two steps of this tutorial, which will open the API Store. Then, click the Go to API Publisher link in the Store and create an API by following this tutorial in the WSO2 API Cloud documentation.

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