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The WSO2 API Publisher is a Web application with a structured GUI designed for API publishers and managers. It allows API publishers to create, publish, scale, document, version and gather statistics on API features, quality and usage while also facilitating more API management-related tasks such as monetization for a unique business model and promoting and encouraging potential consumers and partners to adopt the API in their solutions.

Shown in the diagram below are common life cycle activities of both an API publisher and a manager, supported by the WSO2 API Publisher:

The type of operations that can be carried out through the API Publisher depends on the levels of permission assigned to the user. Throughout this section, we discuss two different levels of permission referred to as the "creator" and the "publisher" roles. For more instructions on these community user roles, refer to section   Users and Roles in API Manager .

Before accessing the Web interface of the API Publisher, make sure you run the API Manager using instructions given in section Running the API Manager. Once the Carbon server is up and running, the API Publisher can be accessed by typing the following URL in your browser.


The API Publisher log-in page opens as follows:

To log in to the API Manager, you need to create a user and assign it specific permissions as described in section User Management . Alternatively, you can also log in to the API publisher as an administrator, by using the admin user that is available by default with the password also as admin. The default admin user has administrator privileges and can perform any operation.

Once you are successfully logged in, refer to the following information to start adding, publishing and managing APIs:

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