This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 1.6.0 View documentation for the latest release.
Engaging with Community - API Manager 1.6.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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WSO2 API Manager provides capability to build and nurture an active community of API consumers with various community features such as commenting and rating.

Rating and Commenting

Consumers can rate APIs per version and comment on them. Potential API subscribers can use comments and rates as guidelines on the quality and usefulness of an API. Commenting and rating help create a community around a particular API. Comments appear sorted by the time it was entered, alongside the author's name. Commenting is similar to a forum for subscribers, who can discuss common issues/features pertaining to a given API version.

Shown below is how comments/rates of a published API is visible to subscribers through the API Store. To rate an API, users can sign up to the API Store and click on any available API.

Sharing on social media

You can share APIs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, digg etc. This allows developers to share their views on selected APIs through supported social networking sites.

Embedding an API widget 

You can generate an embeddable version of API details in HTML and share this HTML widget, which points to an API, in Web pages. This is similar to how Youtube videos can be embedded in a Web page.

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