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Components in the Carbon platform add functionality to all WSO2 Carbon-based products. For example, the statistics component enables users to monitor system and service level statistics. A component in the Carbon platform is made up of one or more OSGi bundles, which is the modularization unit in OSGi similar to a JAR file in Java. For example, the statistics component contains two bundles: one is the back-end bundle that collects, summarizes, and stores statistics, and the other is the front-end bundle, which presents the data to the user through a user-friendly interface. This component-based architecture of the WSO2 Carbon platform gives developers flexibility to build efficient and lean products that best suit their unique business needs simply by adding and removing components.


An endpoint is a specific destination for a message. It may be specified as an Address endpoint, WSDL endpoint, a Failover group, a Loadbalance group, and more. Endpoints can be added, edited, and deleted.


An XML-based, extensible message envelope format, with "bindings" to underlying protocols. The primary protocols are HTTP and HTTPS, although bindings for others, including SMTP and XMPP, have been written.

Denial of Service

In a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, the attacker tries to overload the backend services by sending invalid requests such as requests with false return addresses, so that the server cannot find the user when it tries to send the response back. The server gradually slows down when consuming CPU and memory in order to process multiple requests. When the server closes the connection due to failure, the attacker sends a new batch of forged requests, and the process begins again, stalling the services indefinitely.

One of the most common methods of blocking a DOS attack is to filter requests by noticing patterns of incoming traffic. If a pattern comes in frequently, the filter can block messages containing that pattern.

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