This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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Each WSO2 product is a collection of reusable software units called features. A single feature is a list of components and/or other features. This section describes how to install the specific features required in order to use the WSO2 APIM Analytics features in WSO2 Data Analytics Server or any other WSO2 product that performs Analytics.

This procedure can be followed for WSO2 DAS, WSO2 ESB Analytics and WSO2 IS Analytics. APIM Analytics features are installed by default in WSO2 APIM Analytics.

Getting P2 repositories

The following steps are required if you are adding the repository by uploading it as a file. They are not required if you provide a link to the repository as described in the next section. For detailed information about adding features and repositories, see WSO2 Administration Guide - Installing Features.

  1.  Download the latest p2 repository from here.

  2. Unzip the p2 repository ( into a local directory in your machine.

Installing required features in WSO2 DAS

Follow the steps below to install the required features in WSO2 DAS.

  1. Download WSO2 DAS and start the server. For instructions, see the Installation Guide.
  2. Log into the Management Console.
  3. Click Configure, and then click Features.
  4. Click Repository Management, and then click Add Repository.
  5. Enter the details as shown below to add the created P2 repository.

    Parameter NameValue
    NameWSO2 P2 Repository
    Location (URL)  
  6. Click Add to add the repository.
  7. Click the Available Features tab.
  8. In the Repository  parameter, select the  WSO2 P2 Repository repository you previously added.
  9. Click Find Features. Once all the features are listed, select the  following features.

    • Analytics Spark Geolocation UDF

    • Analytics Spark scripts Common
    • Analytics Spark Useragent
    • APIM Analytics Server Core
    • APIM Analytics Server UDF

    If API Manager Analytics features are being installed in an Analytics product where IS Analytics features are also installed, the version of the Analytics Spark Geolocation UDF feature selected should be 1.0.2.

    If you cannot find these features, retry with one of the following suggestions:

    • Clear the Group features by category check box, and then click Find Features again.
    • Try adding a more recent P2 repository. The repository you added could be deprecated.
    • Check the Installed Features to see whether the feature is already installed.
  10. Once the features are selected, click Install to proceed with the installation. 

  11. Once the installation is completed, restart the product server.
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