This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.5.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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To analyze the statistics of Access Token Errors,

  1. Login to admin portal (https://<ip_address>:<port>/admin).
  2. In the left navigation, Click ACCESS TOKEN ERRORS under LOG ANALYZER.

At any given time, this page displays the statistics for a selected time interval.

  • If you want to view statistics for a pre-defined time interval, click on the relevant time interval (e.g., Last 30 Days).

  • If you want to define a custom time interval, click Custom and select the start and end dates of the required time interval in the calendar that appears. Then click Apply.


This page displays information about the access token violations that have taken place during a selected time interval. 

  • The API Token Status gadget provides a comparison of the count for each access token violation type that has taken place during the selected time interval in a bar chard. Each violation type is displayed with a specific status in the relevant bar. Move the cursor over the relevant bar as demonstrated below to view the exact count for each violation type.
  • The API Key Status gadget at a given time displays all the records for a selected API token status in a table. To populate this table, click on the required status in the API Token Status gadget as demonstrated below.

    The records in this table can be sorted in the ascending or the descending order by the timestamp as demonstrated below.
  • The Log Viewer gadget displays the detailed log for a selected record in the API Key Status table s demonstrated below.


This gadget allows you to:

  • View the overall count of different errors that have occurred relating to application errors during a selected time interval.
  • View detailed information for each occurrence under a selected access token error category to investigate the reason for its occurrence.
  • View the 100 logs before and after an error to carry out further investigations about the reason for its occurrence.

Recommended action

  • Compare the access token error count for different time periods. If the count is particularly high for a specific time interval, check for unusual events that have occurred during that time interval (e.g., system downtime).
  • Click on individual error categories and view all the records for that category in the API Key Status table. View the details of the individual errors and identify any common issues that cause those errors (e.g., a specific user requiring a change in his/her credentials).
  • If an error is unique and the its cause cannot be identified by checking detailed information in the API Key Status table, view other logs that were generated immediately before and after the error in the Log Viewer gadget.
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