This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 API Manager is a platform for creating, managing, consuming and monitoring APIs. It employs proven SOA best practices to solve a wide range of API management challenges such as API provisioning, API governance, API security and API monitoring. It combines some of the most powerful and mature components of the WSO2's state-of-the-art Carbon platform to deliver a smooth and end-to-end API management experience while catering to both API publisher and API consumer requirements.

WSO2 API Manager comprises of the following modules:

  • API Publisher: Define new APIs and manage them.
  • API Store: Browse published APIs and subscribe to them.
  • API Gateway: The underlying API runtime based on WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) 6.4.0
  • API Key Manager: Performs key generation and key validation functionalities.
  • API Traffic Manager: Performs rate limiting of API requests.

For more information on WSO2 API Manager, see the overview in the WSO2 2.6.0 documentation and go to the product page on WSO2 API Manager on the WSO2 website.

What is new in this release

The WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0 is the latest WSO2 API Manager release, and is the successor of WSO2 API Manager 2.5.0. It contains the following new features and enhancements:

What has changed in this release

Removed features and functionalities
Deprecated features and functionalities

This release includes the following features/functionalities that were deprecated, which may be removed in a future release. To view previously deprecated features, see the About this Release page of the previous version.

  • Gateway Manager profile

    Prior to WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0, the Publisher and Gateway were required to be on two different cluster domains. However, from WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0 onwards, clustering is no longer a necessity because the Publisher can play the role of the Gateway Manager. Therefore, the Gateway Manager profile (-Dprofile=gateway-manager) has now been deprecated as it is redundant.
  • The -DSetup option
    When proper Database Administrative (DBA) practices are followed, the systems (except analytics products) are not granted DDL (Data Definition) rights on the schema. Therefore, maintaining the -DSetup option is redundant and typically unusable. As a result, WSO2 has deprecated the -DSetup option. Note that the proper practice is for the DBA to run the DDL statements manually so that the DBA can examine and optimize any DDL statement (if necessary) based on the DBA best practices that are in place within the organization.

WUM updates

This section lists out the features that were updated or introduced newly to WSO2 API-M 2.6.0 via WUM updates.

Compatible WSO2 product versions

WSO2 API-M 2.6.0 is based on WSO2 Carbon 4.4.35 and is expected to be compatible with any of the WSO2 products that are based on any Carbon 4.4.x version, except when using WSO2 Identity Server as a Key Manager, you need to specifically use WSO2 Identity Server 5.7.0 when working with WSO2 API-M 2.6.0. If you get any compatibility issues, please contact team WSO2. For information on the third-party software required with API-M 2.6.0, see Installation Prerequisites. For more information on the products in each Carbon platform release, see the Release Matrix.

Fixed issues

For a list of fixed issues, refer to the following links.

Known issues

For a list of known issues, refer to the following links.

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