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WSO2 API Manager uses Solr indexing to display API details on API Publisher and Store. In the tenant mode, the indexing process starts when a user of a tenant logs in to the Store. However, when there are large numbers of APIs, the indexing process can take a significant time and any new APIs may not be visible in Store nodes until the indexing process finishes. Therefore, in order to avoid the latter mentioned delay, you can start the API indexing for tenants on a remote Publisher/Store nodes as follows:

Starting API indexing on remote Publisher/Store nodes depends on Hazelcast clustering, therefore; clustering needs to be enabled in the Publisher/Store nodes and they should be in the same clustering domain.

  1. Enable Hazlecast clustering for Publisher and Store nodes. Make sure that all Publisher and Store nodes are in the same cluster domain and the nodes are properly joined to the cluster.
  2. Open <API-M_HOME>/bin/ file.
  3. Add the Java System Property enableTenantLoadNotification=true at the bottom of the file:

        -DworkerNode=false \
        -DenableTenantLoadNotification=true \
        org.wso2.carbon.bootstrap.Bootstrap $*
  4. Repeat this on all Publisher and Store nodes, and restart them.

Now, when a tenant user logs in to a particular Publisher/Store the other Publisher/Store nodes are notified. Therefore, the indexing jobs will start immediately. 

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