This documentation is a work in progress and will be released with the WSO2 API Manager 4.0.0 GA release.
M30_Working with the API Microgateway - API Manager 4.0.0 - WSO2 Documentation

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The API Microgateway is a specialized form of the WSO2 API Gateway. Its main characteristics are:

  • The ability to host only a subset of specific APIs (defined in the API Publisher), instead of all.
  • Immutability; if you update an API, you need to re-create the container/instance and hot deployment is not possible.

Microgateway offers you a proxy that is capable of performing security validations (OAuth, Signed JWT), in-memory (local) rate limiting and operational analytics.

The following topics explain further details about the API Microgateway, its architecture and capabilities, and how to configure, deploy and troubleshoot it: 

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