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Monetization allows API publishers to bill API subscribers for the consumption of the APIs available on their API store (developer portal). This feature allows the API publisher to customize the patterns of monetization and also to apply a pricing plan to the APIs in order to monetize them (the "Getting Traction" plan or above is required before you can enable monetization).

Let's get started.

  1. Log in to the API Cloud.
  2. In the API Publisher, click the Monetization menu inside the trial menu.
  3. If your account does not already have the "Getting Traction" pricing plan or above (for information on the pricing plans, see, you will be prompted to upgrade your existing account or create a new account–click OK and follow the instructions on the screen. If your account already has the "Getting Traction" plan or above, skip to step 4.

    Do the following to upgrade your account.

    1. You will be prompted to select a plan to upgrade your account. Select a plan you prefer and click on the corresponding button.
    2. Follow the instructions and add your credit card details to upgrade your account.
    3. After upgrading your account to the "Getting Traction" plan or above, click the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then click the Monetization menu to return to the API Publisher.
  4. You must create an account with Stripe to enable the WSO2 Cloud API Monetization feature. Stripe is an American technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Click on Connect with Stripe to create a Stripe account.

    You are redirected to the Stripe application page. You can either create a new account or use an existing account.
    • To create your account, enter your account details in the Stripe application form and click Authorize access to this account to activate your account.

    • Alternatively, you may already have a Stripe account.
      1. If you already have an account with Stripe, click the Sign In button at the top right of your screen.
      2. Enter your credentials and log in.

        Tip: Please do not perform any manual actions on your Stripe monetization account such as updating/removing accounts and rating plans and subscriptions. This can cause data inconsistencies.

  5. Once you complete registration you will be able to return to the WSO2 Cloud API page and enable monetization. Enter the password you use for your Cloud account, and then click the Enable Monetization button.
  6. A confirmation message appears to let you know that the configurations needed to power the monetization feature have been added for your organization. Click OK.

  7. The Subscription Tiers screen on the Admin Dashboard appears. The default tiers are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To start billing subscribers for usage of your APIs, and also to specify the rate plans that you want to include for your API invocations, you must customize your existing subscription tiers, or define new subscription tiers as Commercial (billable) instead of free. 

    Tip: If you have taken a different path from these steps, you can get to this screen by choosing Configure -> Admin Dashboard from the top menu bar and clicking Subscription Tiers in the left navigation pane.

  8.  Do one of the following:
    • To create a new commercial tier, click Add New Tier, specify the required values (be sure to select Commercial for the billing plan), and click Save.
    • To edit an existing tier to become commercial, click the Edit link for that tier, set the billing plan to Commercial, and click Save.

    In the example below, we are creating a new commercial tier named Platinum.

  9. Click Monetization on the top menu bar.
  10. On the Monetization Dashboard, display the left menu by clicking in the upper left corner, and then click the Plans menu option. Alternatively, click the View icon in the Plans area.

  11. The Plans screen appears, where you will now add payment plans for your commercial tiers. Click the Edit icon for the Platinum tier.

  12. Enter the required values for this commercial tier as shown below, and then click Save.
  13. Notice that the payment plan for your commercial tier (Platinum) has been added successfully. 

    You are now ready to apply the payment plans to your APIs. (You can do this when creating or editing an API.)

  14. In the API Publisher, browse to the PhoneVerification API and click the Edit link next to its name.
  15. Navigate to the Manage tab, select the Platinum tier from the Subscription Tiers list, and click Save & Publish.
  16. Go to the API Store and notice that a label (tag) is added to each API as follows:
    • FREE: API has only free tiers
    • PAID: API has only commercial tiers
    • FREEMIUM: API has both commercial and free tiers
  17. Click the PhoneVerification API to open it, select the default application and the Platinum tier, and click Subscribe.
  18. Because you are subscribing to an API through a commercial tier, you are directed to a billing information page.

    Tip: After subscribing to the API, you will get an email with your invoice. The invoice is in a pre-defined template with the WSO2 logo and WSO2 as the service provider. Contact the WSO2 Cloud team to customize this template with your company's logo, name, and other details.

In this tutorial, you have applied a pricing plan to your WSO2 Cloud account, created a commercial tier, applied the tier to an API, and seen how subscribers enter billing information in order to invoke the API through a commercial tier.

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