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The end-to-end API monetization support provided via WSO2 API Cloud allows you to create subscription throttle policies so that you can appropriately bill subscribers who consume your APIs. With WSO2 API Cloud you can either create your own subscription throttle policies or customize existing subscription throttle policies.


If you want to use a subscription throttle policy to bill subscribers, you have to define the throttle policy as commercial (billable) instead of free

The following topics walk you through the steps to create, edit or delete a subscription throttle policy:

Create a subscription throttle policy 

Follow the steps below to create a subscription throttle policy:

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud.
  2. On the API Publisher, click Admin Dashboard under Configure.

    This takes you to the Admin Dashboard.
  3. On the left navigation pane, click THROTTLING POLICIES, and then click SUBSCRIPTION POLICIES. This displays the Subscription Throttling Policies screen.

    The default tiers are Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  4. To create a new commercial subscription throttle policy, click ADD NEW POLICY, specify the required values (be sure to select Commercial as the billing plan), and click Save. For example, the sample values in the following screen creates a new commercial subscription throttle policy named Platinum.

Now you can apply the Platinum payment plan to your APIs. (You can do this when creating or editing an API.)

Next let's take a look at how you can edit a subscription throttle policy.

Edit a subscription throttle policy 

Follow the steps below to edit an existing subscription throttle policy:

  1. On the Subscription Throttling Policies screen, click Edit on the policy you want to edit.
  2. Change the values as required.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a subscription throttle policy

Follow the steps below to delete an existing subscription throttle policy:

  1. On the Subscription Throttling Policies screen, click Delete on the policy you want to delete.

    This displays a confirmation message as follows:
  2. Click Yes. This deletes the throttle policy.

Now that you understand how to create, edit, and delete subscription throttle policies, you are ready to set up billing plans.

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