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You publish an API to make it available for subscription in the API Store. In the API Cloud, your tenant store is visible to other registered tenants as well. Therefore, users of the other tenants can view the APIs that are published in your default API Store. This allows you to advertise your APIs to a wider audience. Although the APIs that are published in your tenant store are visible to the users of other tenant stores, they need to log in to your tenant store in order to subscribe to and use them.

In this tutorial, you deprecate an older version of an API and observe how the existing and new subscribers can interact with a deprecated API.

For a description of the API lifecycle stages, see API lifecycle.

A video tutorial of all the tutorials in this section is available here.

The steps below show how to publish an API to its default API Store:

  1. Log in to the API Publisher. If you are not the organization's admin, make sure you have the publisher role assigned.
  2. Click the API that you prototyped in the previous tutorial (e.g., PhoneVerification 2.0.0).

  3. Go to the API's Lifecycle tab, click the Deprecate Old Versions check box and click Publish. This will automatically deprecate version 1.0.0 of the PhoneVerification API.

    Tip: You can manually deprecate a published API by going to its Lifecycle tab and clicking the Deprecate button.

    Tip: The Lifecycle tab is only visible to users with publisher privileges.

    Tip: Leave the Require Re-Subscription check box unchecked if you want all users who are subscribed to the older version of the API to be automatically subscribed to the new version. If not, they need to subscribe to the new version again.

    The API is now published to the default API Store.

  4. Go to the API Store and click the APIs menu to see the API now listed under production APIs.

  5. Go back to the API Store, click the APPLICATIONS menu and open DefaultApplication. Click the Subscriptions tab to see the deprecated API. The subscriptions made to the older API versions must be deprecated now.

    Tip: When an API is deprecated, new subscriptions are disabled (you cannot see the subscription options) and existing subscribers can continue to use the API as usual until it is eventually retired.

You have published a new API version to the API Store and deprecated its previous versions.

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