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WSO2 offers different public, private and hybrid cloud solutions and all of them are collectively known as WSO2 Cloud ( You can register to all of the public cloud offerings (e.g., the API Cloud, App Cloud) using a valid e-mail address. For a description of the Cloud's user model, see Cloud's user model.

In this tutorial, you register your organization in the API Cloud and invite members to it.

Members are added to the Cloud in 2 steps:

Let's get started.

  1. Go to and sign up to any one of the public clouds. The UI guides you through the signup process.
  2. Log in to the organization that you created. You have admin rights to it.
  3. Click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then click the Members menu.

    Tip: You can create multiple different organizations under the same login using the Organization menu, which is next to the Members menu.

  4. Click Invite Members.

  5. Give valid e-mail addresses of the members, specify one or more roles to each member and invite.

    You can customize the invitation emails by applying your own logo and changing the content. For information on how to do this, see Customize invitation emails.

    The API Cloud's user roles are given below:

    Role NamePermissions

    Log in to the API Publisher and Store
    Manage the technical aspects of the API (coding, interfaces, documentation)
    Version APIs
    Publish APIs
    Manage the API lifecycle
    View analytics


    Log in to the API Store
    Search and view APIs and read API documentation
    Subscribe to APIs
    Use API user community features (rating, commenting, taking part in forums etc.)

    Tip: You can assign different roles to the same member in different types of the cloud. For example, you can assign the Developer and QA roles in the App Cloud and the APICloudPublisher role in the API Cloud.

  6. Note that the member is sent an invitation e-mail, which has to be accepted by him/her in order to be added to the Cloud as a registered member.

You registered an organization and invited its members into the Cloud.

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