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Billing plans provide the flexibility to define appropriate billing models for different subscription levels.

WSO2 API Cloud allows API publishers to set up billing plan details for subscription throttle policies that they create. 

The following topics walk you through the steps to set up, edit or delete a billing plan:

Setting up a billing plan

Follow the steps below to set up a billing plan for a subscription throttle policy you created:

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud.

  2. On the API Publisher, click Monetization under Account. This takes you to the Monetization Dashboard.

  3. On the left navigation pane, click Plans.

    Alternatively, you can click View on the Plans section.

    This displays the list of available plans based on the subscription throttle policies you have created.

  4.  Click Edit on a required commercial plan to set up appropriate billing criteria for subscribers.

  5. Specify appropriate values for the following fields:


    You cannot change the plan name.

    • Pricing (USD) 
    • Max Daily Usage (API Calls)
    • Overage Charge (USD)
    • Overage Unit Limit (API Calls)

  6. Click Add

    This adds the billing critera for the relevant plan.

Editing a billing plan

Follow the steps below to edit a billing plan that you set up:

  1. On the list of available plans, click Edit on a plan that you have already set up.
  2. Change required values.


    When you edit a billing plan, you cannot change the value of Plan Name and Pricing. This is to avoid confusions that can arise as a result of billing plan updates because Plan Name and Pricing changes can cause different customers on the same plan to have different price points. 

  3. Click Update.

    This saves the updated product plan.

Deleting a billing plan

Follow the steps below to delete a billing plan:

  1. On the list of available plans, click Delete on a plan that you want to delete.

    This displays a message requesting confirmation:
  2. Click Yes. This deletes the billing plan.

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