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WSO2 API Cloud allows API publishers to apply subscription tiers to APIs via API Monetization. Publishers can either apply subscription tiers when creating an API or even at a later time depending on the requirement.

An API publisher can apply one or more subscription tiers to an API including commercial ones as well as free tiers. When subscription tiers are applied to an API and you go to the API store to view APIs, you will see a label (tag) on each API as follows:

The  label (tag) is attached to each API depending on the subscription tiers applied to the API.

  • FREE: API only has free tiers.
  • PAID: API only has commercial tiers.
  • FREEMIUM: API has both commercial and free tiers.

The following section describes the steps you need to follow to subscribe to an API that has a monetization plan. Here we will use the PhoneVerification API that you published by following the Create and Publish an API tutorial.

  1. Go to the API store and click on the PhoneVerification API to open it.
  2. Under Applications, select DefaultApplication.
  3. Under Tiers, select Platinum.
  4. Click Subscribe.

    In this case you will be directed to a Billing Information page because you are subscribing to an API through a commercial tier.
  5. Provide your billing information and then click Proceed. This takes you to the Contact Information page.
  6. Provide your contact information and then click Proceed. You will see an order summary similar to the following:

    You will also receive an email with the invoice details. The invoice will be in a pre-defined template with the WSO2 logo and WSO2 as the service provider. If you need to customize this template with your company's logo, name, and other details, contact the WSO2 Cloud team.
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