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The steps below show how to create a new version of an existing API.

  1. Log in to the API Publisher.
  2. Click the Browse menu and select the API that you want to create a version of (e.g., PhoneVerification 1.0.0). 
  3. The API opens. Click the Create New Version button that appears in its Overview tab. 
  4. Give a version number, check the default version option and click Done.

    Tip: The Default Version option means that you make this version the default in a group of different versions of the API. A default API can be invoked without specifying the version number in the URL. For example, if you mark http://host:port/youtube/2.0 as the default version when the API has 1.0 and 3.0 versions as well, requests made to http://host:port/youtube/ get automatically routed to version 2.0.

    If you mark any version of an API as the default, you get two API URLs in its Overview page in the API Store. One URL is with the version and the other is without. You can invoke a default version using both URLs.

    If you mark an unpublished API as the default, the previous default, published API will still be used as the default until the new default API is published (or prototyped).

  5. The All APIs page opens. Click on the new API version to open it.

  6. Click the Edit link next to the API's name.
  7. Do the required modifications to the API. For example, assuming that the POST method is redundant, let's delete it from the resource that we added to the API at the time it was created.
  8. Click Save once the edits are done.
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