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Tags of an application act as keywords that help you to describe the application. Also, tags provide support for application search and categorization in the App Store. You can define any number of tags for a Web app, when creating it in the App Publisher.

Adding tags to a Web app

To add tags to a Web app in the Overview section of creating a new Web app, type the tag in the Tags field and press the Enter key. For example, for a travel booking Web app you can define tags as 'travel’, ‘air-tickets’, and ‘flight-schedule’ etc. as  shown below.

add tags to the Web app

Grouping Web apps using tags

Tags allow grouping/categorizing Web applications that have similar attributes, functionalities, features, and behaviors. When you click a tagged Web app in the list of published Web apps in the App Store, the tags appear as links to related Web applications, which associates the same tag as follows. Click these linked tags to view a category of Web apps.

tag links of a published Web app 

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