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Follow the steps below to add a new web app to WSO2 App Manager using the App Publisher.

  1. Log in to the App Publisher (http://localhost:9763/publisher) using admin/admin credentials.

    In order to create a web app, you have to log in with a user that has the following permissions:

    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Configure > Governance and all underlying permissions
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Login
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > API > Create  
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > Resources > Govern and all underlying permissions  
  2. Click Add New Web Application.

Creating a new web application using the App Publisher of WSO2 App Manager involves several steps as shown below.

create a new Web app 
The following sections explain in detail the process of creating a web app.

After creating the web app, authorized users can review, approve, and publish the web application. For more information, see Web Application Lifecycle Management.

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