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You can attach a custom workflow for the user signup process in WSO2 App Manager, with the integration of WSO2 BPS as follows.

Configuring WSO2 Business Process Server

Follow the steps below to configure WSO2 BPS to extend the user signup workflow.

  1. Download WSO2 Business Process Server.    
  2. Enter 2 as the value of the <Offset> element in the <BPS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file, to set a port offset of 2 to the default WSO2 BPS port.     

    This prevents port conflicts that occur when you start more than one WSO2 products on the same server. 

    If you change the port offset of WSO2 BPS to a value other than 2, or run the App Manager and BPS on different machines (hence to set the hostname to a different value than localhost), you must do the following.

    • Search and replace the value 9765 (i.e. the default value), in all the (.epr) files inside the <AppM_HOME>/business-processes/epr/ directory with the new offset value of the WSO2 BPS port.

    • Search and replace port 9445 (i.e. the default value), in the <AppM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/admin-dashboard/site/conf/site.json file with the new offset value of the WSO2 BPS port accordingly.

    • Change the hard-coded endpoints of default APIs, and the port of the Workflow Callback Service as described in Changing the Default Ports with Offset.

  3. Create a directory named epr inside the  <BPS_HOME>/repository/conf/ directory.

  4. Copy the following files from <AppM_HOME>/business-processes/epr/ directory to <BPS_HOME>/repository/conf/epr/ directory.

    • SubscriptionCallbackService.epr
    • SubscriptionService.epr
  5. Start WSO2 BPS server, and log in to its management console using the following URL: https://<BPS_HOST>:<BPS_PORT>/carbon.

  6. In the Main menu, click Add under Processes.
  7. Click Choose File, and select the <AppM_HOME>/business-processes/publish-application/BPEL/UserSignupApprovalProcess_1.0.0 file, to upload the business process archive file as follows.
    upload new BPEL file for user signup workflow extension
  8. Click Upload.
  9. In the Main menu, click Add under Human Tasks.
  10. Click Choose File, and select the <AppM_HOME>/business-processes/publish-application/HumanTask/UserApprovalTask-1.0.0.zip file, to upload the human task archive file as follows.
    upload the new human task file for user signup workflow extension
  11. Click Upload.

Configuring WSO2 App Manager

Follow the steps below to configure WSO2 AppM to extend the user signup workflow.

  1. Start WSO2 AppM server, and log in to its management console using the following URL: https://<AppM_HOST>:<AppM_PORT>/carbon.

  2. In the Main menu, click Browse under Resources.
  3. Navigate to /_system/governance/appmgt/applicationdata/workflow-extensions.xml file as shown below. 
    browse resources
  4. Click Edit as Text.
  5. Comment the default PublishAPPSimpleWorkflowExecutor, and comment out the PublishAPPWSWorkflowExecutor as shown below.

      <!--publishapp executor="org.wso2.carbon.appmgt.impl.workflow.PublishAPPSimpleWorkflowExecutor"-->
      <PublishAPP executor="org.wso2.carbon.appmgt.impl.workflow.PublishAPPWSWorkflowExecutor">
        <Property name="serviceEndpoint">http://localhost:9765/services/PublishAppApprovalWorkFlowProcess/</Property>
        <Property name="username">admin</Property>
        <Property name="password">admin</Property>
        <Property name="callbackURL">https://localhost:8243/services/WorkflowCallbackService</Property>
  6. Specify the service endpoint where the workflow engine is hosted and the credentials required to access the said service via basic authentication (i.e., username/password based authentication) in the above configuration.
  7. Click Save Content.

Trying out the workflow configuration

Follow the steps below to try out the workflow configuration enabled above on the user signup workflow.

  1. Access the App Store using the following URL: http://<AppM_HOME>:<AppM_PORT>/store

  2. Click Register to signup to the App Store.

  3. Enter a username and password, and click Register.

    This action invokes the user signup process and creates a human task instance that holds the execution of the BPEL process until you perform some action on it. The registered user will not be able to log in to the App Store. This is because, the user does not have the control of signing up while they are waiting for admin approval or rejection.

  4. Log in to the WSO2 AppM admin dashboard as the admin user created above using the following URL: https://<AppM_HOME>:<AppM_PORT>/admin-dashboard
  5. Click Pending Workflows, and then click User Creations.
  6. Select Approve on the corresponding Web app in the Approval Tasks list as shown below, and click Complete. 
  7. Refresh the App Store.
  8. Now you can log in to the App Store using the credentials of the newly registered user. 
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