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Details of the second step in the process of creating a Web application in WSO2 App Manager are shown below. 

adding policies

Adding global policies

You can enable the following global policies when adding a Web app in the App Publisher.

global policies

The above global policies are described below.

Global policyDescription
Allow Anonymous AccessSelect if you are allowing anonymous users to access apps in the App store through the Gateway Endpoint URL without logging in.
Skip Creating Proxying Web AppSelect if you are configuring an external app (e.g. Salesforce), which does not get routed through the App Manger gateway. For more information on skip creating proxying Web app, see Outbound Provisioning for External Apps.
Publish StatisticsSelect if you are enabling the app to publish usage statistics to WSO2 BAM for viewing and analyzing the statistics. For more information on viewing published runtime statistics, see Publishing App Manager Runtime Statistics.
Restrict VisibilitySelect if you are restricting the visibility of the app in the App store to a specific role(s). For more information on restricting visibility, see Controlling Visibility of Web Apps.
Enable Single LogoutSelect if you are enabling the single logout option on the app that you are creating, so that users will be automatically logged out from the app and will be redirected to the given Logout URL.

Adding resource policies

You can add resource policies in this step of creating the Web application by defining the conditions, which should be included in the policy. Follow the steps below to add a new resource policy.

  1. In the Resource Policies section, click Add New Resource Policy as shown below.
    add new resource policy
  2. You can define the following details in the resource policy as shown below.

    defining a new resource policy
    The above details you define when adding a resource policy are described below.

    Resource policy conditionDescription
    Resource policy nameEnter a name for the new resource policy.
    DescriptionEnter a description for the new resource policy.
    Apply Throttling Tier

    Select the throttling tier. According to the tier you select, you are granted a maximum number of requests to the app. For information on throttling tiers, see Managing Throttling Tiers.

    Allow Anonymous Access

    Select True if you want to allow anonymous access on a specific Web app resource.

    You can define Accessible User Roles and XACML Policies only if you select False for Allow Anonymous Access.

    Accessible User RolesTo add the user roles, which you want to allow to access a specific Web app resource, type the name of the user role and press the Enter key. For information on defining accessible user roles, see Web Application Resource Authorization.
    XACML PoliciesSelect a XACML policy out of the list of the defined policies. For more information on defining XACML policies, see Web Application Resource Authorization.
  3. Click Save & Close. The new policy is added to the list of available resource policies as shown below.

    new resource policy added to list

    You can edit or delete the added resource policy by clicking on the provided options under the Action column.

  4. For instructions on step 3 of the process of creating a Web app in App Manager, see Step 3 - Web Application Resources.

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