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Details of the third step in the process of creating a Web application in WSO2 App Manager are shown below. 

Web app resources section

Follow the steps below to complete the Web Application Resources section of creating a new Web application in App Manager.

  1. Enter the URL Pattern of the Web app resource.

    The URL Pattern of a Web app resource is in the /{context}/{version}/{web_app_resource_name}format. The context and version are the values you entered in Step 1 - Overview section of creating the app. For example, if the URL is http://<IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT>/travel-booking/1.0.0/time-tables, the context is travel-booking and version is 1.0.

  2. Select the HTTP Verb corresponding to the URL pattern you entered as shown below.
    add new Web app resourceThe available HTTP verbs are described below.

    HTTP verbDescription
    GETThis is used to retrieve information from a server using a URI.
    POSTThis is used to send data to a server using HTML forms.
    PUTThis replaces all current representations of the target resource with the uploaded content.
    DELETEThis removes all current representations of the target resource given by a URI.
    OPTIONSThis describes the communication options for the target resource.
  3. Click Add Resource. The URL pattern will be added to the defined list of Web app resources as shown below.
    Web app resources list
    You can select the Resource Policy for all HTTP Verbs of a specific URL Pattern of Web app resources as shown above. For example, you can add the resource policy created above to the POST HTTP verb of the /{context}/{version}/time-tables URL pattern as shown above.

  4. For instructions on step 4 of the process of creating a Web app in App Manager, see Step 4 - Advanced Configuration.
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