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Follow the instructions below to subscribe to an application in App Manager.

  1.  Click Login at the top, right-hand corner of the window to log in to the App Store.
  2. Out of the displayed applications, which are currently published in App Store, click on one to view its details. You can use the search facility or tags to find a specific application.
  3. Click Subscribe to subscribe to the web app and access it. A message will appear if the subscription is successful.

  4.  Click  My Subscriptions tab from the top menu bar to view the subscribed apps. 

Accessing the application

Once you are successfully subscribed to the application, you can access it through the URL in the application details as shown below.

After subscribing to an application as described above, it can be configured to collect runtime statistics. For information on configuring, collecting and viewing runtime statistics, see Viewing Statistics.

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