This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server version 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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Every application deployed in a running Carbon instance has its own Dashboard for management and monitoring. Follow the instructions below to access the dashboard of an application.

1. Log on to the product's management console and select "List" under "Applications."

2. The "Running Applications" page appears. Select an application and click on it to access its dashboard. For example,

An application dashboard provides the following information.

  • Application Details
  • Session Statistics
  • Operations

Application Details

The "Application Details" panel provides the following information:

  • Context - The Web Application Context.
  • Display Name - Name of the Web Application.
  • File - The .war archive file of the application.
  • State - Whether it is started or stopped.
  • Last Modified - The date and time of the most recent modification of the application.

Session Statistics

The "Session Statistics" panel provides statistical information about the instances of the applications follows:

  • Active Sessions
  • Expired Sessions
  • Maximum Active Sessions
  • Rejected Sessions
  • Average Session Lifetime
  • Maximum Session Lifetime
  • Maximum Session Inactivity Interval


The following operations are available to be executed on a running application and its sessions.

  • Expire sessions - This option allows you to enter a value in minutes and click the link "Expire sessions". All sessions of the application which have been idle for the given number of minutes or more will be expired. 
  • Expire All Sessions - When you click this link, all existing sessions of the application will be expired.
  • Reload - This option allows you to reload the application. For example, after doing some modification to the application's business logic, it can be reloaded to the Application Server.
  • Stop - This option allows you to stop the application running.
  • URL Mappings - URL shortening functionality. Described in detail in the next section.

If the Web application is currently not running, then its "Operations" section has only the "Start" and "URL Mappings" options.

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