This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server version 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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Introducing the Sample

This sample demonstrates the capabilities of Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM). An MTOM Web Service accepts a fileName and a DataHandler. The DataHandler contains the binary content which is eventually saved to a temporary location in a given fileName.

Building and Running the Sample

To build the samples you need Apache Ant build tool.

Apache Ant 1.6.2 or higher is needed.

The steps are as follows:

1. Install and run the WSO2 Application Server. Refer to the Installation Guide for instructions.

2. In a command prompt, switch to the MTOM directory.

For example, cd <AS_HOME>\samples\MTOM

3. From there, type ant.

The generated service (MTOMSample.aar) gets copied to <AS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/axis2services automatically. Start the Application Server using <AS_HOME>/bin/ (in Linux) or <AS_HOME>/bin/wso2server.bat (in Windows).

Use the script or run-client.bat file to invoke the client using arguments

  • file : Full Path of the file that needs to be sent to the service (mandatory)
  •  fileName : Name of file to be created at the server side (optional) 
  • e : Endpoint URL of the service (optional) 
  • help : For Help

For example, ./ -file /tmp/wwe.jpg -fileName wresting.jpg

Sometimes, it is necessary to clean the services repository before you generate and deploy the service and run the client. In order to do that, delete services created from previous samples.

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