This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server version 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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The WSO2 SOA platform has the capabilities of Axis2 to add modules to extend it. A module is an archive file that bundles a set of classes, related libraries and third party library dependencies. The module configuration functionality is provided by the Module Management feature which is by default bundled in the Service Management feature of the WSO2 feature repository. The module management feature provides a user-friendly interface to engage, disengage and configure modules in 4 levels as follows.

In all four levels, specific module engagement steps are the same from step 4 onwards in the service-level module engagement section described here.

  • Global Level - A module will be engaged for all the services. For information on how to access global-level Axis2 module configuration windows, refer to section Axis2 Modules.
  • Service Group Level - A module will be engaged for a service group. For information on how to access service group-level module configuration windows, refer to section "Service Management -> Accessing Service Groups."
  • Service Level - A module will be engaged only for a certain service as described below.
  • Operations Level - A module will be engaged for a particular operation of a service. For information on how to access operation-level module configuration windows, refer to section Operation Management.


To upload your module archive, all the class files and the module.xml descriptor file have to be available in the archive.

Service-Level Module Engagement

Follow the instructions bellow to engage modules to a service.

1. Log on to the product's management console and select "List" under "Services."

2. The "Deployed Services" screen appears. Click on the necessary service. For example,

3. The "Service Dashboard" page appears. Click "Modules" in the "Quality of Service Configuration" panel.

4. The "Engage Modules to Service" page appears. Choose a module to add. WSO2 Module Management feature provides the following modules, which you can engage to your service:

  • WSO2xfer-3.20 - Is an implementation of WS-Transfer.
  • WSO2mex-3.20 - Provides MetadataExchange services for any services that the module is engaged.
  • rampart-1.61-wso2v1 - Provides the WS-Security and WS-SecureConversation functionalities for Axis2, based on Apache WSS4J, Apache XML-Security and Apache Rahas implementations.
  • rahas-1.61-wso2v1 - Is used to STS enable a service, where it adds the RequestSecurityToken operation to a service that the module is engaged to.
  • sandesha2-3.20 - Implements WS-Reliable Messaging.

5. Click the "Engage" button to add a module to the list.

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