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  • Writing Various Clients to Invoke Web Services

This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server version 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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Introducing the Sample

The WSO2 Application Server Client API supports writing different kinds of clients to invoke Web Services. The most suitable type of client should be selected depending on the application and the nature of the service. This sample demonstrates the following kinds of clients that can be written using the Axis2 Client API.

  • Blocking Client
  • Single Channel Non Blocking Client
  • Dual Channel Non Blocking Client
  • Dynamic Blocking Client
  • RPC Client
  • Fire and Forget Client
  • Send Robust Client
  • Operation Client

Building the Service

The steps are as follows:

1. Install and run the WSO2 Application Server. Refer to the Installation Guide for instructions.

2. In a command prompt, switch to the sample directory:

For example, in Windows: cd <AS_HOME>\samples\ClientAPI.

3. From there, type ant.

This will build the ClientAPIDemoService.aar in <AS_HOME>/repository/servicejars directory. If you start the Application Server and login to the AS Management Console, the deployed ClientAPIDemoService will be listed in the "Deployed Services" window. You can view the WSDL for this service at: 


Running the Client

To run the sample client of the service, go to <AS_HOME>\samples\ClientAPI directory and type:

  • In Linux: sh
  • In Windows: run-client.bat

For more information, use "-help" option.

When you run the script, you can select the type of client that you want to run.

  1. Blocking Client
  2. Single Channel Non Blocking Client
  3. Dual Channel Non Blocking Client
  4. Dynamic Blocking Client
  5. RPC Client
  6. Fire and Forget Client
  7. Send Robust Client
  8. Operation Client
  9. Exit
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