This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server 5.2.1. View documentation for the latest release.
JAX-RS Sample on Content Negotiation - Application Server 5.2.1 - WSO2 Documentation
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This sample demonstrates how to implement content negotiation in the Application Server. Content negotiation is a mechanism which allows to maintain multiple representations of the same resource, and serve the particular representation relevant to a given request and what the requesting server needs.

 A RESTful customer service is provided on URL http://localhost:9763/jaxrs_content_negotiation/services/.  Users access this URL to operate on a customer.  The REST server provides the following services:

Building and running the sample

This sample can be found at  <AS_HOME>\samples\Jaxws-Jaxrs\ jaxrs_content_negotiation

For information on building and running the sample, see Building and Running JAX-RS Samples.

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