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The steps below show how to use WSO2 Developer Studio to develop individual artifacts and export them as a single C-App artifact. You can then deploy the C-App on the WSO2 product instance. Use this method to move the configurations of your server from one environment to another.
  1. See User Guide in the Developer Studio documentation to create artifacts.
  2. See Packaging Artifacts Into Deployable Archives in the Developer Studio documentation to export the C-App as a Carbon Application Archive (CAR) file.

    Next, you can upload the CAR file into your new product instance as follows.
  3. Log in to the product's management console and select Add menu under the Applications menu.
  4. Select your CAR file and click Upload.


    • The CAR files you deploy this way are dropped to <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/carbonapps/{tenant-ID}. {tenant-ID} is 0 in a single-tenanted environment. 0 is the super tenant ID.  
    • As an alternative to uploading the C-App using the management console, you can copy the CAR archive into <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/carbonapps/{tenant-ID} manually and it will be deployed.
    • Manual deployment in a multi-tenanted environment is not recommended if you are unaware of the tenant ID.
  5. If successfully deployed, the C-App will be listed on the Applications List window. For example,

    If the Carbon application does not have artifacts that are applicable to the particular product you are using, nothing will be listed on this window.

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