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How do you track web sessions?

This can be done via the webapp management UI as it show all the active sessions. 

Under what instances are web sessions terminated?

Sessions are terminated when the session is inactive for the specified session expiry time. Sessions can also be explicitly terminated using the management console. Please note that the UI based session termination is not compatible in a clustered setup. The sessions will be terminated only on the node from which the UI was loaded. 

How to configure GZip encoding in AS?

GZip can be configured using the AS_HOME/repository/conf/ tomcat/catalina-server.xml file. This file is equivalent to the server.xml file in Apache Tomcat. The GZip can be configured for each connector in the catalina server. The important attributes of the catalina server that should be configured are compression, compressionMinSize, compressableMimeType, and noCompressionUserAgents. Go to Configuring catalina-server.xml for more details of these attributes.

How can I get the <AS_HOME>/tmp directory cleared?

Based on the HouseKeeping task for carbon.xml, if the <AutoStart> property is set to true, all files that are more than 30 minutes old will be cleared every 10 minutes.
If you are running AS on Linux, you can also write a cron job to handle the clearing of contents within the <AS_HOME>/tmp directory. 

How to protect my product server from security attacks caused by weak ciphers such as the Logjam attack (Man-in-the-Middle attack)?

You can disable weak ciphers as described in the section on disabling weak ciphers.

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