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Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a technology that lets you implement management interfaces for Java applications. JConsole is a JMX-compliant monitoring tool, which comes with the Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5 or later versions. Therefore, when you use a WSO2 product, JMX is enabled by default, which allows you to monitor the product using JConsole. When you start JConsole, the MBeans tab will show the MBeans generated for your product. While some of these MBeans (ServerAdmin and DataSource) are common to all WSO2 products, some MBeans are specific to WSO2 AS. 

Go to the WSO2 administration guide for detailed instructions on how to configure JMX for a WSO2 product, how to use JConsole for monitoring a product and for descriptions of the common MBeans used by all WSO2 products. 

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