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Starting from Application Server 5.2.1, AS provides support for webapp versioning. With webapp versioning, you can have two webapps with the same context-prefix, but with different context-post-fixes set as the versions. For example, you can have two webapps with contexts as shown below:





We have facilitated this feature using a special convention for the webapp file name. We have closely followed the Tomcat Context Naming Convention, but the concepts used are different. With Apache Tomcat, the web application versions refers to internal versioning with the same context path for both the web applications. But with Application Server, what we have implemented is a way where the context path is modified to mention the version. If you read the above mentioned article, the naming convention we follow is pretty similar to the use of single hash symbol '#' in webapp name. 

To use webapp versioning with AS, set web application (war) file name similar to following examples mentioned in the table. The version part is treated as a String for flexibility.

Webapp File NameContext Path
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