This documentation is for WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.4.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The activity monitoring dashboard is used to display activity IDs that are matching with certain filter criteria(for example : date-time range, server, service and operation). In addition, all the events which belong to specific activity ID can be displayed. Activity monitoring dashboard directly connects to Cassandra cluster to get the result. This is different than the previous activity monitoring dashboards where previously it was required to run hive scripts.

Monitoring activities on dashboard

  1. Click Activity Dashboard in the Main menu.
  2. Enter the connection details to connect to Cassandra cluster and click Login.

    • Connection Url* : connection url of the Cassandra cluster with ip and port. e.g., localhost:9160 , This field is mandatory.
    • Username : Username of the Cassandra cluster.
    • Password : Password of the Cassandra cluster.
  3. Successful login will redirect you to the search page. There are two types of search,
    1. Simple Search - Activities can be searched by there transaction state(success or failed activities).

    2.  Advanced search - Advanced search query can be provided to perform activity search by giving filter criteria. See Indexing in Cassandra and Searching Cassandra Data for more details about this.

  4. Matching activities along with their start and end times will be displayed in 'Activities' page.

  5. Once click on an activity ID, all the events that belong to that particular activity will be displayed in 'Events' page.

  6. Once click on a particular event, event information will be displayed in expanded view.

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