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Business activity monitoring refers to aggregating, analyzing and presenting information about business activities. This definition is paramount, when designing a solution to address a business activity monitoring use case. Aggregation refers to the collection of data, analysis refers to the manipulation of data to extract information, and presentation refers to representing this data visually or in other ways such as alerts. The WSO2 BAM architecture reflects this natural flow in its very design as illustrated below.  

The BAM architecture can be broken down into four main modules:

Data that needs to be monitored goes through these modules in order. The data flow is as follows:
  1. Data will be sent from the data agent to BAM server.
  2. Data receiver will process and store the received data in Cassandra data store. 
  3. Analyzer Engine will analyze this data according to defined analytic queries. This will usually follow a pattern of retrieving data from the data store, performing a data operation such as an addition, and storing data back in a data store. This data store can be different from the Cassandra data store. The data operations will happen locally if the analyzer engine is not pointed to a Hadoop cluster.
  4. The dashboard or reports will query the data store for the analyzed data and will display them graphically.


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