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For the relevant versions of the applications used as features, see Compatibility of WSO2 Products.



Cloud-enabled, lightweight, developer-friendly and easy-to-deploy

  • Scalability from a single JVM download to high-end deployments involving sever servers.
  • Choice of deployment in on-premise servers to private or public cloud, without configuration changes.
  • Integrated user store for user management of all components, including Apache Cassandra and Apache Hadoop.
  • Integration with WSO2 Developer Studio, which is an Eclipse-based IDE supporting all WSO2 products.
  • Allows developers to pick either a REST interface or Apache Thrift, which supports popular languages, such as C, C++, and Java.
  • Explanations of real-life samples.
  • User-friendly management console.
  • Server customization via feature provisioning capability.
Monitoring, collecting, and storing Big Data
  • Ability for developers to create and deploy a single pluggable entity, which contains the data definition, analysis definition, dashboard and visualization, through BAM toolboxes.
  • Naming, versioning and categorization of events by the event source.
  • Structure of the events consisting (name, value) tuples of business data, metadata and correlation data.
High performance data capture framework
  • Use of high performance, low latency APIs for receiving large volumes of business events, over various transports including Apache Thrift, REST, HTTP and web services.
  • Scalable event storage into Apache Cassandra, using column families per event type.
  • Non-blocking, multi-threaded, low impact Java Agent SDK for publishing events from any Java based system.
  • Use of Apache Thrift, HTTP and web services allowing event publishing from any language or platform.
  • Horizontal scalability with load balancing and high available deployment.
Pre-built data agents for all WSO2 Products
  • Service data agents combined with, shared code bases of fully componentized WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware products.
  • Mediation data agents for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.
  • Reusable service data and mediation data models to integrate with other service hosting and mediation systems.
Powerful, on-time data analysis and presentation through dashboards
  • Tools for creating customized dashboards without any code changes.
  • Ability to write arbitrary dashboards powered by WSO2 Gadget Server, Google Gadgets and Jaggery JS.
  • Comprehensive management and monitoring web consoles, with integrated enterprise-level security.
  • Built-in collection and monitoring of standard access and performance statistics.
  • JMX MBeans for key metrics monitoring and management.
  • Flexible logging support with integration to enterprise logging systems.
Elastically-scalable data analysis powered by Apache Hadoop
  • Flexibility similar to SQL, for writing analysis algorithms via Apache Hive.
  • Extensibility via analysis algorithms implemented in Java.
  • Ability of scheduling analysis tasks.
  • Flexibility in storing analysis results including in Apache Cassandra, a relational database or a file system.
Easy integration with other reporting engines
  • Ability to plug WSO2 BAM into existing systems to take advantage of scalable big data analysis and collection, while still using familiar dashboards.

Provisioning capability

  • Easy extendibility by installing additional Carbon components in a simple, point- and-click deployment, due to the modular, OSGi-based, award-winning Carbon platform.
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