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The Gadget Portal offers a customizable dashboard for your enterprise gadgets. Users can add/remove gadgets, browse the  gadget repository, search for gadgets in the gadget repository based on a gadget name, change the gadget layout, copy gadgets, add new tabs, clone current tabs and carryout many more operations. The users can also add any gadget hosted elsewhere to the portal via its url. All the features are available for the signed-in users. Anonymous users have the same user experience as the registered users except for a few restrictions. User permissions can be modified by the administrators.

For more information about the WSO2 Gadget Portal, refer to the following topics:


This section describes how to access and manage the Gadget Portal as a signed-in user.

Managing Tabs

Users of the Gadget Portal can add, remove and clone tabs to customize the user interface. Follow the instructions below to customize the portal UI.

1. Log on to the BAM Management Console and select "Gadgets -> View Portal" link under the "Main" menu.

2. The Gadget Portal opens in signed-in mode.


You can also access the Gadget Portal directly accessing the following URL through the browser: http://<server ip>:9763/portal. This URL appears in the BAM start screen.

By default, there will be no gadgets published in the portal. For instructions on adding new gadgets, refer to Adding Gadgets. The following sub sections explain how to manage and customize the portal view.

Adding a new tab

Users can add new tabs with customized layouts to the Gadget Portal. New tabs help accommodate more gadgets and arrange or categorize gadgets in the portal.

3. To add a new tab, click the "Add New Tab" link.

4. The "Add New Tab" window opens. Enter the name of the new tab, select a layout from the provided six predefined layout templates and click "Ok".

5. The portal creates an empty gadget layout page.

After a new tab is created, users can add gadgets into it. Gadgets can also be copied to the new tab from another tabTo display the added gadgets according to the selected customized layout, simply drag and drop them.

Cloning an active tab

Gadget Portal users can clone an available tab to be used as the foundation for a new tab.

6. To clone a tab, select the tab you want to clone and click the "Clone Active Tab" link.

7. The "Clone Active Tab" window opens. Enter the name of the new tab and click "Ok".

8. A new tab in the given name will be added to the Gadget Portal. It will contain the same gadgets and be in the same layout as the tab used to clone it from.

Removing an active tab

Follow the instructions below to delete a tab.

9. Select the tab you want to delete and click the "Remove Active Tab" link.

10. Confirm your request by clicking "Yes". The tab will be removed from the Gadget Portal.

Adding Gadgets

There are two options when adding gadgets to the Gadget Portal.

  1. Add gadgets using a URL.
  2. Add gadgets from the Enterprise Gadget Repository.


Anonymous users cannot add gadgets using a URL or search the Gadget Repository.

Follow the instructions below to add a new gadget to the Gadget Portal.

1. Log on to the BAM Management Console and open the gadget portal in signed-in mode. There will be no gadgets available by default.

You can also access the Gadget Portal directly by accessing the following URL: http://<BAM server ip>:9763/portal

2. Click the "Add Gadgets" link in the Gadget Portal.

3. The "Add Gadget to Dashboard" link opens with capability to add gadgets using a URL or via the Enterprise Gadget Repository. Portal administrators can revoke permission to add gadgets from a URL. For more information, refer to Managing Portal Permissions section.

Add gadgets via the Enterprise Gadget Repository

WSO2 Gadget Portal users can add gadgets maintained in the WSO2 Gadget Repository by the Gadget Server administrators. Also, refer to the Gadget Repository section for information on how to add/delete and manage gadgets via the repository.

4. Pick from the list of gadgets shown below, which are populated from the gadgets added to the repository.

or search for a gadget by entering the gadget name or part of the gadget name in the text area and clicking "Search".

5. To add a gadget and click the "Add" button.

6. You will see the gadget added to the WSO2 Gadget Portal.

Add gadgets using a URL

Any gadget written according to the Google Gadgets Specification and publicly accessible via an HTTP URL can be added to the Gadget Portal by entering its URL.

7. Click the "Enter Gadget Location" drop-down and enter the URL of a gadget xml file hosted in any location. For example,

8. Click the "Add Gadget" button.

9. You will see the gadget added to the WSO2 Gadget Portal.

Managing Gadgets

Follow the instructions below to copy, duplicate, delete gadgets, change their settings etc.

1. Log on to the BAM Management Console and open the Gadget Portal in signed-in mode. Each gadget can be managed using the gadget preferences in the toolbar.

You can also access the Gadget Portal directly using the URL: http://<BAM server ip>:9763/portal

The Settings Menu

2. Click "Settings" from the preferences of a selected gadget. A list of menu items pop up as shown below.

Duplicate Gadgets

The "Duplicate This Gadget" menu item copies a gadget to the same tab as a new gadget with the same name. This is a convenient method for users to create a similar gadget with different settings.

Gadget Settings

By default, the gadget authors can change the settings of each gadget. These settings can also be viewed and modified by the users by opening the settings drop down in gadget preferences.

Moving Gadgets

Gadgets can be moved from one tab to another. The available tabs are displayed in the "Copy To" menu for the user to select. For example,

Once a gadget is moved, the user can remove the old gadget from its previous location if required.

Finding Gadget Details

Once the gadget is added, the user can inquire the gadget details by clicking on "About Gadget" in the preferences menu.

The Gadget name, Author and Gadget URL are displayed as gadget details as shown in the example below.

Removing Gadgets

Gadgets can be deleted from the Gadget Portal by clicking on the "remove" option in preferences.

Confirm the message that appears.

Toggle, Maximize/Minimize Gadgets

You can also toggle, maximize or minimize the gadget user interface using the given options in preferences.

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