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A portal administrator can set the permissions of the gadget portal through WSO2 BAM management console. Follow the instructions below to set portal permissions.

  1. Log in to WSO2 BAM management console, and click Main.
  2. Click Portal Permissions in the Gadgets menu as shown below.
    portal permissions in Gadgets menu.
  3. In the Manage Portal Permissions screen, uncheck the relevant checkbox to revoke a permission as shown below. You have options to allow users to self-register and to add external gadgets to the gadget portalFor more information on these options, see the sections below.
    manage portal permissions
  4. Click Update.

Allow user self registration

Currently this option does not function in WSO2 BAM 2.5.0. This issue will be fixed in future versions.

Allow users to add external gadgets

If a portal administrator unchecks this option, users are not able to add gadgets to the portal using a URL. Thereby, when you click View Portal in the WSO2 BAM management console, and click Add Gadgets, the Add gadget from URL option, which is shown below will not appear in the portal.

add gadget from URL

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