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WSO2 Carbon - reporting feature

WSO2 feature repository provides the reporting facility by the following feature.

Name : WSO2 Carbon - Reporting Feature
Identifier : org.wso2.carbon.reporting.feature.group

Install the above feature if it is not bundled in your product by default. For instructions on installing it, see Feature Management. This feature is used to generate reports for data available in the database. To generate reports, the reporting feature uses JasperReports in the following ways. For more information on JasperReports, go to JasperReports library

Using pre-designed reports

Using this option, you can generate the Jasper report directly without using report designing tools. It has pre-designed customizable report templates for report formats such as table type, bar chart type, pie-chart type, etc. Only a certain level of customization is supported on the templates. For more advanced customizations, edit the auto-generated JasperReport file (.jrxml file) or select the custom reporting option.

Pre-designed reports option is best suited for quick and easy report generation. It currently facilitates PDF, Microsoft Excel, and HTML types of reports. For more information on reports, see Introduction to Reports.

Custom reports 

Create your own JasperReport file (.jrxml file) by using a JasperReport designing tool such as iReport, and upload the designed file to WSO2 BAM server to generate the report out of it. For more information on creating custom reports, see Custom Reports.

This section comprises of the following information on reports.

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