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Given below is how to upgrade from BAM 2.4.1 to BAM 2.5.0. To upgrade from a version older than 2.4.1, start from the doc that was released immediately after your current release and upgrade incrementally.

Preparing to upgrade

Download WSO2 BAM 2.5.0.

Configuration upgrades

Change the following files inside the <BAM_HOME>/repository/conf/ folder as follows:

Folder pathDescriptionRequired change
advanced/hive-site.xml  Change the value of the hive.jar.path property.<value>${BAM_HOME}/repository/components/plugins/hive_0.8.1.wso2v10.jar</value>
Change the value of the hive.aux.jars.path property.

Use the new bam-datasources.xml file that ships with BAM 2.5.0.


Change the URL, username, and password accordingly.
Change the value of replicationFactor property based on the Cassandra cluster and the business requirement.<replicationFactor>1</replicationFactor>
etc/cassandra.ymal Apply values of the new cassandra.yaml that ships with BAM 2.5.0.Update seeds details, IP addresses, and port according to your deployment.
etc/hector-config.xml If you are pointing to an external Cassandra server, you have to change the externalCassandra property value to true. Otherwise, the Cassandra port will be affected by the port offset changes, which are specified in <BAM_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file. For more information on port offset changes, see Port Offset.

<Nodes externalCassandra="false">localhost:9160</Nodes>
etc/tasks-config.xml Apply values of the new tasks-config.xml that ships with BAM 2.5.0.


advanced/streamdefn.xmlApply values of the new streamdefn.xml that ships with BAM 2.5.0. 
registry.xmlChange the value of versionResourcesOnChange property to false.<versionResourcesOnChange>false</versionResourcesOnChange>

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