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The default datasources, which are shipped with WSO2 BAM are defined in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/datsources/ directory as follows.

WSO2 BAM default datasources

RDBMS datasources

Datasource nameDescription
WSO2_CARBON_DBThe datasource is used for registry and user manager of WSO2 BAM.
WSO2BAM_DATASOURCEThis datasource is configured to point to a relational database that is used for storing the results of the Hive analysis job.

Cassandra datasources

Datasource nameDescription
WSO2BAM_BAM_CASSANDRA_DATASOURCEThis datasource is used for pointing to the Cassandra node/cluster, from where the raw event streams data, which are received by the BAM receiver will be dumped in and sourced for the analyzer. It is datasource is referred by the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/advanced/streamdefn.xml file.
WSO2BAM_CASSANDRA_EVENT_INDEX_SOURCEThis datasource is referred by the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/advanced/streamdefn.xml file. It is used to point to the database where the event stream indexes received by the BAM receiver are stored.
WSO2BAM_UTIL_DATASOURCEThis datasource is used by the <hyperlink> component in BAM notifications.
WSO2BAM_HIVE_INCREMENTAL_DATASOURCEThis datasource is used for storing indices, which are used in Hive incremental processing jobs.
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