This documentation is for WSO2 Business Process Server version 3.5.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The samples in this section are specific to BPMN processes in WSO2 BPS.

Deploying samples

  1. Log into the Management Console of WSO2 BPS. 
  2. Navigate to Processes > Add > BPMN.
  3. Upload the relevant .bar artifact located in the <BPS_HOME>/repository/samples/bpmn directory.
  4. Navigate to Processes > List > BPMN and you can find the deployed BPMN artifact.
  5. Click on ‘start’ to activate the process.

    Required pre-requisite to try out BPMN samples

    Create a user with the following username and password: (kermit/kermit) in order to try out the provided samples. See adding users for information on how to do this. In addition to this, create the following users. These users do not require any specific role, a role with login and BPMN permissions is sufficient.

    - client

    - customer
    - manager
    - inspector
    - clerk

Running the samples

The samples are deployed in the WSO2 BPS Management Console through which you can view the instance details once the samples are deployed. However, the process of running the samples (user actions) is performed through the BPMN Explorer. This can be accessed using the following URL: https://ip:9443/bpmn-explorer/. Deployed processes are listed under the PROCESSES tab.

List of available samples

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