This documentation is for WSO2 Business Process Server version 3.5.1. View documentation for the latest release.
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The Metadata panel displays the following properties of the resource or the collection:

  • Created - Shows the time when a resource was created and the author of a resource/collection.
  • Last Updated - Shows the time when a resource was updated and the author of alterations/collection.
  • Media Type - An associated media type of the resource/collection.
  • Checkpoint - Allows to create a checkpoint (URL for the permanent link) of a resource/collection.
  • Versions - Allows to view versions of a resource/collection.
  • Description - Description of the resource/collection.

For example,

Checkpoint Creation

1. To create a checkpoint, click on the Create Checkpoint link.

2. If the checkpoint was successfully created, a message will be displayed. Click OK.

Viewing Versions

1. Click on the View versions link.

2. The Versions page appears.

  • Version - Shows the number of a resource/collection version.
  • Last Modified Date - Shows the last date of updating.
  • Last Modified By - Shows the author of alterations.
  • Actions
    • Details - Allows to get to the Browse page of a particular resource/collection version.
    • Restore - Allows to restore a resource/collection version.

Editing Description

1. To edit a description of a resource/collection, click on the Edit link.

2. Edit the description of a resource/collection in the text area and click Save.


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