This documentation is for WSO2 Business Process Server version 3.5.1. View documentation for the latest release.
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The Email Task allows you to send an email within a BPMN Process. It is configured with the following properties. 

Field NameMandatoryDescription
ToYesThe email address of the intended recipient of the email. Multiple recipients can be specified as comma-separated email addresses.
FromNoThe email address of the sender. If this field is not specified, the default email address specified in the activiti.xml file will be used.
SubjectNoSubject of the email.
CCNoThe email addresses of the carbon copy receivers of the email. Multiple recipients are separated by commas.
BccNoThe email addresses of the blind carbon copy receivers of the e-mail. Multiple recipients are separated by commas.
CharsetNoCharset of the email can be changed.
HtmlNoThe content of email is in HTML format.
TextNoContent is in non-HTML format.

Sample Email Server Configuration

The Activiti engine sends e-mails using an external mail server. The following steps guide you through a sample email server configuration for the Email task. 

  1. Set the following properties in the activiti.xml configuration file found in the <BPS_HOME>/repository/conf directory. The following code block provides a sample of these settings using the Gmail configuration settings. 

    <property name="mailServerHost" value=""/>
    <property name="mailServerPort" value="456"/>
    <property name="mailServerDefaultFrom" value="[email protected]"/>
    <property name="mailServerUseSSL" value="true"/>
    <property name="mailServerUsername" value="[email protected]"/>
    <property name="mailServerPassword" value="mailtask123"/>
    • <property name="mailServerDefaultFrom" value=”email of the sender”>
    This specifies the default address of the sender. If a sender is not specified in the sender field as a mail task property, the email address specified here will be used instead.
    • <property name="mailServerUsername" value="[email protected]"/>
    • <property name="mailServerPassword" value="mailtask123"/>
    Specifies the credentials of the sender for authentication purposes. Here, you should include the email addressandit'scorrespondingpasswordwhich you specified in the “From” field of the mail task.
    • Port 456 (SSL required):<property name="mailServerUseSSL" value="true"/>
    • Port 587 (TLS required):<property name="mailServerUseTLS" value="true"/>
    Specifiy only one of these two properties in order to specify whether the mail server should use SSL or TLS.

    If you are using Gmail to try out this scenario, enable IMAP access for Gmail. See Enable IMAP settings in Gmail for more information.

    If you receive an authentication error, you may have to adjust your account access settings in Gmail as well. See Allowing less secure apps to access your account for more information.

  2. Copy the following jar files into the <BPS_HOME>/repository/components/lib directory and restart the server. 

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