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Business Process Server comes along with the cleanup scripts for both bpel and bpmnThese scripts can be executed within a predefined time interval. By doing so, database lookup time can be reduced significantly.

Clean up scripts can be located in BPS_HOME/repository/samples/resources/cleanup-scripts.

BPS pack provides cleanup scripts for the following databases.

  • mysql
  • oracle
  • mssql
  • postgresql

If you are using the clean-up scripts to delete the active process instances, stop the server before executing the clean-up scripts.

BPEL cleanup scripts

BPEL cleanup scripts are used to clean up the both completed bpel instances and human tasks.  Scripts can be found under the BPS_HOME/repository/samples/resources/cleanup-scripts/bpel folder.

BPMN cleanup scripts

BPMN cleanup scripts are used to clean up the completed bpmn instances. Scripts can be found under the BPS_HOME/repository/samples/resources/cleanup-scripts/bpmn folder

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